Tackle Your Moving Boxes One at a Time

Moving day has come and gone. Do you still have boxes waiting to be unpacked? If it has been some time since your move, you may be suffering from a lack of motivation. Since you’ve probably unpacked all the important stuff, those last remaining boxes can seem insignificant. But getting everything unpacked will have great psychological benefits. Not only will you benefit from knowing that the job is finally done, it may also help you finally settle into your new home.

Start by tackling just one box a day. Carefully unpack the box and make sure to check any packing material for items that may have gotten stuck. Once the box is unpacked, take time to evaluate all of the items from the box. If it has been some time since your moving day, you may find that many of those belongings are things you don’t really need. Use this opportunity to declutter. Place any items that you feel should be given away back into the box. 

After unpacking a few boxes, you’ll probably find that you have a full box of items to give away. Many charities will come and pick up household goods. Call them up and schedule a day for pick-up. You’ll then have a good deadline and hopefully, sufficient motivation to finally get the job done. Just remember, you didn’t pack up in a day, and it will take just as long to get unpacked. Give yourself a break and have fun settling into your new home.

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