Spring Cleaning Your Car

The warmth of spring is a great reason to get out and give your car a good cleaning. After months of cold winter weather, and the dirt and grime our cars pick up during the winter months, your car is probably in need of a spring cleaning. It is especially important to remove any lingering road salt or other de-icing chemicals off of your vehicle.

Start by tackling your car’s interior. To clean your vehicle’s upholstery, use a sponge or a spray with dry-cleaning fluid, or a warm water and vinegar solution, to wipe off any stains. Repeat the procedure until all stains are gone. Stubborn stains can be treated with a commercial stain treatment. Vinyl interior surfaces of your car will benefit from treatment with a surface protector. Be sure to get to those surfaces that are hard to reach, including around panel switches and along seams.

Spend some time organizing the interior of your car. Remove all trash and vacuum thoroughly. Organize your CDs and other items that you wish to keep in your car. You may want to keep a small organizer crate in your car to hold miscellaneous items that might make their way to the floor of your car or under your seats.

On the exterior of your car, check for any areas that need paint touchups. You can usually purchase paint that matches your car’s surface. Cover any small scratches or bare areas that might be prone to rust.

To keep from having to spend hours washing your car every so often, spend some time each week cleaning the exterior and tires. If you commit each week to washing your vehicle, it will only take a short time to complete the job, since you haven’t let the dirt build up on your car.

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